The photo contest, in its first edition, is promoted by FlorenceGuide.TK, in collaboration with SCBN Digital Democracy:Youtube.

The competition is not sponsored, administered or associated with YouTube.



The initiative invites us to narrate, through images, cities that can be discovered and rediscovered. The city of Florence and its territory with their varieties of life, with their times and links can be traveled quickly and superficially or contemplated, lived, adored or renewed. Every place, as known, grants to those who look at it and observes the possibility of being rediscovered, overcoming commonplaces, trying to find other points of view.


The competition has the following objectives:

  1. collect representative and identifying photographic images of the City of Florence and reward the best ones from an artistic point of view as well as representations of the territory, its complexities, its peculiarities and its history.
  2. to promote the knowledge of photographic images by users. For this purpose, the photos will be voted and will be awarded both the authors of the most voted photos that users who will have made more votes.
  3. to encourage access and registration to sites with FlorenceGuide.TK domains and their subdomains

To achieve these objectives, the organizers define three (3) types of prizes:

  1. Final prize " Souvenir d'Italie"
  2. I press for the most voted photo
  3. I press for the most active user in voting photos


The competition will be advertised through sites with FlorenceGuide.TK domain, its subdomains and in social networks, in particular:


Participation in the competition is free, open to all non-professional photographers and without age limits. Participants can send a maximum of three photographs to be sent together with the registration form properly completed and signed. The members of the jury and their relatives and all those who collaborate in various ways in organizing the competition are excluded from the competition.


B/w and color photographs are allowed with both vertical and horizontal shots. The resolution of the photos must be 300 dpi and in JPEG format (.jpg). Works entirely made on the computer are not allowed. The photographs must be unpublished. Each image must have progressive number and be titled. Images that do not conform to the specifications will not be taken into consideration.


The delivery of the works, together with the registration form, can be done in the following ways by 30 May 2022: - online through Google Drive - email address:


  1. A weekend in a farmhouse: one night stay for two people in a double room with breakfast (valid until 12/31/22, excluding 1-2-3 November, Christmas and New Year).
  2. A weekend in B & B: one night stay for two people in a double room, with breakfast (valid until 12/31/22, excluding 1-2-3 November, Christmas and New Year).
  3. A lunch in a farmhouse: lunch for two people based on typical products (valid every Sunday at noon until 12/31/22, excluding November 3).


The jury composed of professionals in the sector will express an unquestionable judgment.


Each participant is responsible for the material presented to him in the competition. Therefore, it undertakes to exclude any responsibility of the organizers of the aforementioned towards third parties, even against any subjects depicted in the photographs. The competitor must inform any interested parties (people portrayed) in the cases and in the manner provided for by Legislative Decree no. 30 June 2003 n. 196, as well as obtaining consent to the dissemination thereof. In no case the images sent may contain data that can be qualified as sensitive. Each participant also declares to be the sole author of the images sent and that they are original, unpublished and not being published, which do not affect third party rights and that if they portray subjects for whom consent or authorization is required, he got. The organizers also reserve the right to exclude from the competition and not publish non-compliant photos in the form and in the subject to what is indicated in this announcement or the commonly recognized rules on public morality, ethics and decency, to protect participants and visitors. Therefore, images deemed offensive, improper and detrimental to human and social rights will not be allowed.


The rights to the photographs remain the exclusive property of the author who produced them, which authorizes their use for events or publications related to the competition itself and for activities related to the institutional or promotional purposes of FlorenceGuide.TK in any case without the purpose of profit. Each author is personally responsible for the works presented, unless expressly forbidden, the organization is authorized to reproduce on catalog, publications, CDs and on the Internet without any profit and with the name of the author. For each use, the photos will be accompanied by the name of the author and, where possible, by any explanatory notes indicated by the same. We inform you that the personal data provided by the competitors will be used for the activities related to the institutional or promotional purposes according to the D.Lg. 30 June 2003 n. 196. The material sent will not be returned.

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